Equine Sale Photos

* If there are multiple barns in the area interested in doing sale photos as well discounts are available


Horse may be photographed with or without tack

Choice of 1 or both profiles, 3/4 angle, head shot, front, and/or back

3 images: $195 | 6 images: $245

Under Saddle

Includes 5 fully released images

Includes 1 discipline, with 1 rider

May add on additional disciplines or riders

$195 for first discipline/rider | $145 for each additional


Includes 10 fully released images

Horse is untacked in an enclosed area

Distractions are removed from background


The Essentials


3 Conformation Images

5 Under Saddle Images

1 Black Background Image


The All Around Horse


6 Conformation Images

10 Under Saddle Images

(2 disciplines or riders)

Mini Black Background Session (3 images)


The Deluxe Package


6 Conformation Images

10 Under Saddle OR Liberty Images

Full Black Background Session (5-7 Images)


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