Birth & Doula Services

Birth & Doula Services

         Why Is Birth Photography Pricey?

Birth photography is so unique and unlike any other field of photography. In terms of cost, it is similar to high-end wedding photography. It is not for the faint of heart and requires serious dedication and skill. 

I knew when I chose this for my profession, that I would someday miss a holiday, anniversary, or party. I commit and blackout a specific month from vacations, concerts, shows, and other events. I can’t book two sessions a day, let alone in one week. For 3-4 weeks, I am on call at any given time. There have been times where a labor and delivery session lasted one hour, and there was also a time where it lasted 36 hours.

My life is put on hold while you become my top priority. My ringer on my phone is on loud and on my side at any given moment. With my top of the line equipment, I can shoot in any given lighting situation. Not every photographer is comfortable with live birth. I plan on seeing and smelling blood, vomit, and feces. At the same time, I know my place with you, your partner, and the hospital staff. I am honored to share this experience with you and give it the respect it deserves.  I am also a certified doula and this service can also be added on!

I am also a certified doula and will be there to support you before, during and after your pregnancy! 

Birthing Basics | $825

- Consultations prior to your birth

- On call until baby has arrived

- Full coverage of labor, birth and 1 hour after birth

- 75+ Images in a private online gallery

Total Journey | $1500

- Consultations prior to your birth

- On call until baby arrives

- Full coverage of labor, birth and 3 hours after birth

- Fresh 48 Session

- 100+ Images in private online gallery

-Custom 5x5 Album

- $250 Print Credit

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